Mix it up- Weird milkshake flavors

Bored of the same old chocolate and cream milkshake? Here are a few weird flavors to blow up the tyranny of vanilla!

1. Buffalo wings milkshake:

I’m open to culinary experimentation and I know buffalo wings are popular, but this is just strange! Imagine the thick spicy liquid going down your throat and tell us if you’d actually consume it.


2. Bacon flavored milkshake

This shake is bacon flavored rather than bacon infused.  It comes from the Jack In The Box chain in the U.S., and is flavored with Torani bacon-flavored syrup, rather than thick, chunky strips of pure hog fat. So technically it IS vegetarian. All the bacon lovers please tell us- thumbs up or down?


3. Sweet potato cashew bourbon milkshake

Yes, it’s all in one. Combine sweet potato, cream, vanilla, milk, sugar, bourbon and viola! Oh and do not forget the cashews: caramelized of course. Unique enough?


4. Caramel Corn milkshake

I’ve never been a big fan of caramel. And this particular recipe doesn’t exactly make my mouth water. It’s ingredients include the usual vanilla, sugar, cream and milk. The essence lies in the 1/5 package of tofu or 1/4 cup yogurt. Worth a shot?


5. Beer milkshake

Let’s face it; everyone would love to try it. This innovative shake includes vanilla ice cream, vanilla syrup and your choice of beer. If you want to mix it up a little, you could replace vanilla ice cream with chocolate. Definitely a different way to consume beer, don’t you think?


6. McNuggetini milkshake

Tip: You need to be a McDonalds fan. Even so, you may, may not appreciate this particular experiment. The recipe calls for 2 McNugzz, 1 tub McDonalds Brand Barbecue sauce, 1 large McDonalds Brand chocolate milkshake and 1 bottle of vanilla vodka. The recipe was invented by Los Angeles residents, Alie Ward and Georgia Hardstark. Being a vegetarian, I have no comments for this shake. So non-vegans please tell if you’d consume this or no.


7. Avocado milkshake

Avocado milkshake is actually very popular in Asia and South America. The name speaks for the recipe itself. For people who like the cool, buttery taste of avocados and are not averse to consuming an alien green drink, this is the perfect recipe.


Can you think of any more strange flavors? Let us know by leaving a comment!




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Studying business administration, Palak enjoys writing on just about anything. She’s a quiet person who eats, breathes, lives fiction.



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Studying business administration, Palak enjoys writing on just about anything. She's a quiet person who eats, breathes, lives fiction.
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