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Take a look beyond the casinos and you will find beauty and art all around Vegas. The city is full of sites and landmarks to admire and patronise. You might think its gambling that makes Sin City popular, but in reality it is art that is the biggest attraction.


1) PARIS, NEW-YORK, EYGPT, VENICE, ROME- Yes it all happens to be in Vegas! If you had just one day to live and one place to go, I think Vegas has to be it. These legendary Art stimulating cities are located side by side only and only in Las Vegas. Beautiful replicas of famous and breath-taking attractions of Paris, New-York, Egypt and Venice can be admired without even getting out of your cab! What a feast to the eyes of an Art and Architecture lover.

1) The Paris (hotel) Effect-

Replicas of Eiffel Tower,L’Arc De Triomphe& La Fontaine des Mers

2) The New York New York (hotel) Effect-

Replicas of Grand Central Terminal, Brooklyn Bridge, Soldiers And Sailors Monument

3) The Egypt (Luxor hotel) Effect-

Replicas of Pyramid Giza guarded by the Sphinx statue.

4) The Rome (Caesar’s Palace) Effect-

Replicas of Augustus of Prima Porta, Apollo Belvedere, The Colosseum

5) The Venice (Venetian hotel) Effect-

replicas of the St. Mark’s clock tower, San Marco Campanile and Rialto Bridge


2) The BELLAGIO HOTEL & BELLAGIO GALLERY OF FINE ART- Having seen some Architectural wonders in Vegas, let’s talk about some fine Art. One of the most fascinating venues for some eye popping would definitely be The Bellagio Hotel & Bellagio of Fine Art. The first thing you notice when you come inside the lobby of Bellagio is a beautiful glass sculpture Fiori Di Como by renown sculptor Dale Chihuly. Fiori Di Como itself is an Art wonder.   THE GALLERY– Located at the heart of the elegant Bellagio Hotel and Casino, Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art (BGFA) is Las Vegas ’ exquisite exhibition space. It is committed to presenting intimate exhibitions featuring works by some of the world’s most compelling artists. BGFA shows are organized in partnership with museums and foundations from around the world and exhibitions change about every 6-8 months. The gallery does not have a permanent collection but it stays as beautiful and awe-inspiring as ever, each time. So Art fanatic or not this world acclaimed Gallery is a must see!

Monet exhibit-


1) THE NEON MUSUEM– The museum was founded in 1996 as a way to rescue old signs when buildings were demolished or remodelled. In a city known for detonating buildings past their prime, Las Vegas’ Neon Museum stands alone in its zeal for salvaging the glittering memories of Las Vegas. The Neon Museum’s collection consists of three components:  the Neon Boneyard, the Downtown Gallery and the Las Vegas Signs project. “I don’t think there’s another opportunity to experience the history of the city in such a unique way,” said museum Executive Director Danielle Kelly. “It’s a cultural experience as the signs being art, artifacts of innovative design”.

Innovative sites from the Neon Museum


2) The Nevada Museum of Art–The oldest cultural institution in the state of Nevada, the Nevada Museum of Art was founded in 1931 as the Nevada Art Gallery by Dr. James E. Church, a Professor of German and Classics at the University of Nevada, Reno. It is a museum of ideas. The permanent collection is divided into four focus areas: Contemporary Art, Altered Landscape Photography, Art of the Greater West, and the Work Ethic Collection. The Center for Art + EnvironmentArchive Collections and Library serve scholars and researchers seeking information related to creative interactions between people and their natural, built, and virtual environments. These specializations are a natural outgrowth of the institution’s collecting practices over the years. The art collection of the museum consists of over 2,000 objects belonging to the 19th and 20th century. Nevada Museum is the power-house of culture, education and the rightful exploration as well as display of the visual arts.

Different Art Styles from the Nevada museum of Art


ART CAN BE SEXYTHE EROTIC HERITAGE MUSEUM  (EHM) was created between a partnership of a Preacher and a Pornographer.  Rev. Ted McIlvenna and Harry Mohney agreed to work together to create the Las Vegas Erotic Heritage Museum and maintain a mission of preservation for erotic artifacts, fine art and film. The museum was founded by Rev. Ted McIlvenna in August of 2008. The EHM houses more than 17,000 square feet of permanent and featured exhibits designed to preserve wonders of the erotic imagination as depicted through the artistic expression of acts of sex and love. It is dedicated to the belief that sexual pleasure and fun are natural aspects of the human experience, that such pleasure must be made available to all, and that our individual sexuality belongs to each of us.


1) The Vegas Artists Guild- is a non-profit organisation which focuses on bringing talent and upcoming Artists in the Vegas area to public attention. Its motto is “Artists helping Artists”. The Vegas Artists Guild was founded in 1996 by a group of local Las Vegas artists led by Andre Mouton. Membership to the Vegas Artists Guild is open to all individuals. They hold monthly meetings, art shows, presentations and at the end of it party hard to celebrate Art! If you love Art and if you go to Vegas, do get in touch with this Art loving establishment and learn, earn, paint what you can!

Artwork of the Members-




2) THE ARTS FACTORY-The Arts Factory is proud to be the geographic and creative center of the 18b Las Vegas Arts District. It is a 50-year-old commercial warehouse building with traditional bowstring truss architecture. The Arts Factory is now home to 23 commercial art-related tenants representing photography, fine art, architecture, graphic design, a yoga school, jewellers, architects, and the most recent offering, Bar+Bistro. If you are a practical artist who wants to flaunt his Art among fellow Art lovers rent a Gallery, book an Event and take a trip to the Arts Factory! & there’s lots to eat too.



1) The Gallery at City CenteR- This dynamic exhibition space features artwork of sculptures, drawings, editions and prints from world-renowned artist Dale Chihuly.

Remarkable works of Dale Chihuly


2) The Art of Richard MacDonald Presented by Cirque du Soleil®-Located at the “O” Theatre Lobby at Bellagio the art gallery of Richard MacDonald reveals the beauty of the human body. The characters Richard MacDonald, the master of figurative sculpture, creates are playing forever in the Theatre of life. This art gallery features a collection of over 50 sculptures, original drawings, serigraphs and lithographs by Richard MacDonald. The gallery has been created out of a relationship between Guy Laliberté, Founder of Cirque du Soleil, and Richard MacDonald.

Beauty of Sculpture by Richard MacDonald


To Concludeif you are an artist and you have the desire to have fun each and every day you work then Sin City (which after this write-up can easily be called a major Art City) is just for you. For all Art Lovers, admire the beauty, learn from it, share your work and simply love the thrill. Visit Las Vegas for the Sin of Art!


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About apeksha
Apeksha is an undergraduate student having a passion for Psychology and Literature. She absolutely loves to write and lose herself in the depths of her imagination. Best known as an introvert, great listener and a die hard fan of movies and television! Writing for Consumer Instinct makes her explore fascinating aspects of the world; helping her grow as a writer,learner,person and a consumer.
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