In today’s world of rapidly changing technology, consumers are also characterized by fast changes. Technology has equipped consumers with unlimited access to information and easy way to connect with others. This has led to an era where the consumer has tremendous power to influence change. To survive in the market, a firm (organization) has to better understand the latest consumer trends and tastes and change accordingly. Understanding consumer behavior provides invaluable clues and guidelines to not only adapt to changing consumer behavior but also to innovate in order to stay ahead in the game.


Unlike a few decades ago where consumers were passive receivers of goods/services, today Consumers have a VOICE. This voice can make a brand HOT overnight or destroy an entire company within a day. This voice is playing a bigger role in the way the world around us shaping.

As Consumers become a driving force in every decision made by companies and government, there is an urgent need to understand trends and patterns with a consumer lens.


In order to understand Consumer Instinct, we need to delve into the minds of the Consumers. We need to think from a consumer perspective. Therefore, this web portal aims to bring together people who can think differently and have a passion for understanding Consumers.

Our current focus is on the following fields: Art/Culture, Food/Health, Finance, Technology/ Social Media, Education and Marketing. We are open to what you write about in any of these fields, but the essential ingredient for a successful intern would be to:

  • Understand how consumers think, feel, reason, and make decisions.
  • Understand how a consumer is influenced by his or her environment (e.g., culture, media, economy).


If you would like to intern with us, please send us a sample write up and your resume to