An ounce too much- 5 most expensive perfumes

Everyone likes to smell good. And some of us even splurge a little on our choice of fragrances. By splurge I mean a couple of hundred bucks. After looking at the scents listed below, my definition of the word has definitely changed. Have a look at some of the most expensive colognes/perfumes in the world.

1) Clive Christian Perfume

It is one of the most expensive perfumes in the world. It is priced exorbitantly at $435000 not just because of its majestic fragrance and its ability to become your signature aroma but also due to the fact that the bottle is decked in five-carat white diamond and decorated on an 18 carat-gold collar. The perfume itself costs $31650. The fragrance is a mixture of jasmine, cardamom, carnation, lemon, bergamot and benzoin. Only 20 bottles of this perfume were made; 10 for men and 10 for women.

2) Notorious by Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren; that should say something about the price, shouldn’t it? $3540 only. This peculiar scent can be bought from Harrods at London. Its notes include black current, pink pepper and Italian bergamot while the aromas consist of Chocolate Cosmos flowers, frozen white peony and carnation. The base notes encompass patchouli, musk, vanilla and iris root.

3) Bond No. 9

Let’s start with the bottle. It is studded with 16500 platinum glittering Swarovski crystals which of course makes it a limited edition. Coming to the fragrance, the scent is the much known Bleecker Street fragrance that consists of aroma of patchouli, black currant leaves and buds, caramel, wood and musk. It is one of the most famous perfumes among celebrities and comes in 32 fragrances. The price is merely $3500. Men, watch out. Your lady might just demand for crystals in this guise.

4) Ora Ito’s fragrance

Let me tell you the price before anything. $45000. The scent is a blend of mild lilies, peonies and roses. This one had me at lilies. The bottle is covered in 18 carat gold while the box is encased in bubble designed of beautiful and artistic Baccarat crystal and is further packed in a lacquered wood box. The fragrance is said to be dedicated to lovers.

5) Caron’s Poivre

This unisex fragrance is available at $2000. The scent is a mixture of lavender, jasmine, rose, Lily of the valley, carnation, cedar, sandalwood, Tonka and musk. The perfume is bottled in Baccarat crystal and is of course a limited edition. It was first launched in 1954 and thus has 101 years of experience in the field.

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Studying business administration, Palak enjoys writing on just about anything. She’s a quiet person who eats, breathes, lives fiction.



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Studying business administration, Palak enjoys writing on just about anything. She's a quiet person who eats, breathes, lives fiction.
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